ECM Machines Ltd. is a full service machine shop capable of
producing simple everyday parts to fully customized detailed
parts through CNC production and skilled employees.  ECM
Machines Ltd. is a machine building facility producing most
equipment in-house so as to keep the quality control high, the
project on schedule and ensure the final equipment runs 100%.

Examples of some services we have to offer:

End form Tooling and Machines
      We manufacture end form tooling for tube benders and also build the
equipment to put the end form on the tube as well as chamfer and cut to length.

Clip Insertion Machines
      We manufacture machines that automatically place a pre-designed clip onto a
bundle of tubes or wire, so the production line can perform more efficiently.

Robotic Cells
      The use of robots in industry is growing and we can provide a solution for a
number of simple problems by implementing a robot.  Robot weld cells, pick and
place, transfer from machine to machine, etc.

Tooling and Fixtures
      Due to our CNC and other capabilities we can produce jigs and fixtures to
ensure parts stay to the tight tolerances today's industry requires.

Tube and Wire benders
      Tube and Wire benders are the core to our success in this industry.  We
specialize in high volume tube and wire benders and have refined our skill in
providing high speed, high quality and accurate benders.  Today's tube and wire
benders utilize up-to-date measuring systems, bend placement sensors, end form
detection sensors, correct bend sensors, leak detection, laser coating removal,
and any other detection the customer requires.  Our unique control system has
several benefits, one of which is the ability to change programming, sensors,
steps, sequence, timing, and operations without ever going online with a laptop.  
Everything in our program is done through the operator touch screen and can be
controlled by the maintenance personnel so the operator would never know the

Custom Automation
      We are a machine builder and thus provide multiple solutions for different
situations.  We provide solutions for problems ranging from automatic feeders, to
full blown production, assembly lines producing multiple parts at the same time.  
Contact us to discuss your situation and should have a solution for you.

Machine Retrofitting
      Have an old machine that is tired or out-of-date, or the part has a change?  We
can retool your old equipment and add new up-to-date systems if required to bring
that machine back to full production.  This solution can provide a cost effective
means of staying competitive in today's marketplace.

Control Systems
      We sell our unique control systems to the industry on multiple platforms
designed for the customers specific needs.  These system can be stand alone and
provide trouble shooting or short run production as well as full production
capabilities.  The on-screen error detection system can help pin point the source
of the fault and provide a sequential reset of the machine to avoid any crash or
damage to the tooling.  Contact us for a complete demonstration of our program.
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